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Big Inox Vacuum Insulated Lunch Box For Hot / Cold Food

1. Material: 304 stainless steel material, BPA free, no PVC.

2. Function:vacuum insulated , big mouth easy to eat and clear

3. Parts: Lid and folding stainless steel spoon.

4. Some colors are ready to ship, accept OEM also.

    Product parameters


    Bottom Dia

    Mouth Dia














    Vacuum insulated,

    With lid ,folding ss spoon












    40oz/ 1200ml






    23.0 cm



    Product description

    3 different big sizes ( 0.8L , 1L ,1.2L )of stainless steel insulation bottle lunch box, with a folding spoon, portable leak-proof PP cover, and carrying handle to meet the needs of everyday life.
    With seamless welding technology, better insulation, excellent vacuum heat insulation, keep your hot or cold food fresh up to 24 hours, whether in winter or summer, you can enjoy your food anytime, anywhere and enjoy a healthy way to live.

    our advantage

    The stainless steel stew pot is a portable food container made of durable stainless steel. Diare are a few factors why stainless steel stew pots make it easier for people to carry food outside:
    Excellent thermal insulation performance: Stainless steel stew pots are usually equipped with a thermal insulation layer inside, which can effectively maintain the temperature of food, allowing you to enjoy hot food when dining outdoors. This is very convenient for people who are out for a long time without worrying about the food getting cold.
    Good sealing: The stainless steel stew pot has good sealing performance, which can effectively maintain the freshness and taste of food. Whether it is soup or dishes, the original flavor can be maintained in the can, avoiding food leakage or the intrusion of external odors.
    Moderate capacity: Stainless steel stew pots usually have a large capacity and can hold enough food. This is very convenient for people who need to carry multiple portions of food at one time, such as family picnics, camping or traveling.
    Easy to clean and use: Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and easy to clean. Just wipe it gently with water and detergent. Moreover, stainless steel stew pots usually adopt an open-top design, which is very convenient to use and can directly take food or heat it.
    All in all, the superior properties of stainless steel crock pots make them ideal for taking food outside. Allowing people to enjoy home-cooked food at any time and improving their dining experience when going out.