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There is a "hidden mechanism" on the thermos cup. When you open it, it will be full of old dirt

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There is a "hidden mechanism" on the thermos cup. When you open it, it will be full of old dirt


Autumn has arrived quietly. After two autumn rains, the temperature has dropped significantly. Because the sun is shining brightly, it is now necessary to wear a coat when going out in the morning and evening, and people have begun to switch from drinking cold water to drinking hot water to keep warm. As a convenient tool for carrying hot water, the thermos cup needs to be cleaned when not used for a long time. However, many people overlook a key point when cleaning the thermos cup, that is, cleaning the sealing cover. Let’s take a look at how to thoroughly clean the sealing cap.

There is a "hidden mechanism" on the thermos cup. When you open it, it will be full of old dirtMost thermos cups consist of an inner pot, a sealing lid, and a lid. When cleaning the thermos cup, many people just disassemble the inner tank and lid for cleaning, but ignore the cleaning of the sealing lid. They don't even know that the sealing cover can be opened, mistakenly believing that it is a fixed one-piece structure. However, this is not the case and the sealing cap can be opened. If it is not cleaned for a long time, scale, tea stains and other dirt will accumulate inside the sealing cover, making it very dirty.

Open the sealing cap, the method is very simple. If we pay attention, we can see that the middle part of the sealing cap is not fully connected. We simply hold the middle part with one finger, then grab the sealing cap with the other hand and turn it counterclockwise. In this way, the middle part is loosened. We continue to rotate until the middle part is completely removed. When we remove the middle section, we will find that there are many gaps inside the sealing cover. Usually when we pour water, we have to go through the sealing cover. Over time, stains such as tea scale and limescale will appear in these gaps, making them very dirty. If it is not cleaned, water will pass through this dirty seal every time you pour water, affecting the water quality.

The method of cleaning the sealing cover is also very simple, but because the gap is so small, it is impossible to clean it thoroughly with just a rag. At this time, we can choose an old toothbrush and squeeze some toothpaste to scrub. The toothbrush has very fine bristles that can penetrate deep into crevices and clean stains thoroughly. After brushing all corners of the sealing cap, rinse the remaining toothpaste with water to make the sealing cap clean. We can then rotate the sealing cap back to its original position. Only by thoroughly cleaning the thermos cup can we safely use it to drink water and ensure the health and hygiene of the water quality.

In addition to the sealing lid that can be unscrewed, there is also a thermos cup whose sealing lid has no threads and can be opened by squeezing. For example, my thermos cup is of this type. There is a small button on both sides of the sealing lid. To open it, we just need to press two buttons simultaneously with our fingers and remove the sealing cap. After that, follow the same method, use a toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to clean, and then reinstall the sealing cover so that the thermos cup can be thoroughly cleaned.

It is recommended that you remove the sealing cover of the thermos cup regularly and clean it. After all, it is an item that comes into contact with your mouth and nose. The more thorough you clean it, the safer it is to use. If this article is helpful to you, please like and follow. thank you for your support.

With the arrival of autumn, let us gradually give up drinking cold water and turn to drinking hot water to keep warm. Thermos cups are becoming more and more popular as a tool for carrying hot water, but their cleaning issues are often overlooked. I believe that when cleaning the thermos cup, everyone usually only pays attention to the inner tank and cup lid, but ignores the sealing lid. However, the cleaning of the sealing cover is very important, because if it is not cleaned for a long time, dirt will accumulate and affect the health of the water. I hope this article can remind everyone to regularly remove the sealing cover of the thermos cup and clean it thoroughly to ensure the health of the water used.