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Is the thermos cup too deep and you can’t reach in to clean it?

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Is the thermos cup too deep and you can’t reach in to clean it?


The weather is getting cooler, and people are taking out the thermos cups at home.

Especially people who often go to work and the elderly like to use thermos cups to drink water, and they can also make tea on the way, which is very convenient! However, no matter what kind of insulation you choose in your home, due to our frequent use, there will inevitably be a lot of dirt inside. These water stains cannot be cleaned and will inevitably affect your use experience. Because of the design of the thermos cup, we do it ourselves It is impossible to completely clean out the dirt in the cup.

Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at the correct cleaning method for a thermos cup. No detergent is needed, the dirt will fall off by itself, which is really trouble-free.

How to clean the thermos cup?

1. Use rice water

Don’t throw away the rice water left over from cooking at home. Use it to quickly clean the stains on the thermos cup.

Many people don't understand it and think it is waste water. However, they don't know that it has a very strong cleaning ability and is much easier to use than dish soap.

It contains some substances that can break down dirt. At the same time, the rice particles in the rice washing water can also increase friction to help you quickly remove dirt in the thermos cup. You only need to pour the rice water into the thermos cup, add some rice to increase friction, and then shake for a few minutes. Finally, pour out the rice water and rinse it with clean water.

2. White vinegar

White vinegar is a weakly alkaline substance that can effectively dissolve scale quickly.

The method of use is also simple. We pour white vinegar into the thermos cup, shake it evenly a few times, and let it sit for a while to clean it. If there are stubborn stains on the inner wall, you need to use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean it, which is also very easy. good.

3. Egg shells

No one would believe it when told that egg shells can also clean the scale in a thermos cup.

Studies have found that egg shells contain a lot of calcium carbonate, which can soften the dirt inside and achieve cleaning effects.

When used with baking soda to clean the thermos cup, the effect is very magical. We only need to crush the egg shells, pour them into the thermos cup, add an appropriate amount of baking soda and warm water, and wait for half an hour to clean them.

4. Citric acid

Citric acid is also a very useful cleaning product. It is the nemesis of limescale in your home. With its help, it can quickly remove stains and make your thermos cup emit a light fragrance.

Natural plant ingredients are added to citric acid, which will not cause pollution problems when cleaning stains.

The method of use is also simple. Add citric acid to the thermos cup, then add an appropriate amount of hot water and soak for forty minutes.

Finally, just rinse it with clean water, the effect is very good.