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How to clean a new thermos cup when using it for the first time? Cleaning and maintenance of new the

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How to clean a new thermos cup when using it for the first time? Cleaning and maintenance of new the


We all know that thermos cups are a necessity in our daily lives, whether in the cold winter or the hot summer, they can provide us with a suitable beverage temperature. However, you may not know that a newly purchased thermos needs to be thoroughly cleaned before first use. So, how should we clean the new thermos cup?

Why does a new thermos cup need to be cleaned when used for the first time?

The newly purchased thermos cup may leave some residues during the production process, such as dust, grease, etc., which may affect our health. Therefore, we need to clean it before using it for the first time.

The main steps for cleaning a new thermos cup:

1. Decomposition: Disassemble the various parts of the thermos cup, including the lid, cup body, etc. This allows us to thoroughly clean each part.

2.Soaking: Soak the disassembled thermos cup in clean water for about 10 minutes. This can help loosen residue that is clinging to the surface of the material.

3. Cleaning: Use a soft sponge or cloth to clean the thermos cup. Be careful not to use hard brushes or steel wool, as these substances may scratch the inner and outer walls of the thermos cup.

4. Yeast cleaning method: If the thermos cup has more stubborn stains or odors, you can use the yeast cleaning method. Pour a small spoonful of yeast powder into the thermos cup, then add an appropriate amount of warm water, then cover the cup and shake gently to fully mix the yeast powder and water. After it has fermented naturally for 12 hours, rinse it with clean water.

5.Dry: Finally, dry the thermos cup with a clean towel, or place it in a cool place to dry naturally.

Precautions when cleaning the thermos cup

1. Avoid using chemical cleaning agents. Many chemical cleaning agents contain ingredients that may be harmful to the human body, and may also cause damage to the material of the thermos cup.

2. Avoid putting the thermos cup in the dishwasher. Although the dishwasher can clean it quickly, the strong water flow and high temperature may cause damage to the thermos cup.

3. Clean the thermos cup regularly. Although we thoroughly clean the thermos cup before first use, it also needs to be cleaned regularly during daily use to keep the thermos cup clean and extend its service life.

Cleaning the thermos cup is not complicated. You only need to follow the above steps to ensure that the new thermos cup is thoroughly cleaned before first use. Remember, keeping the thermos cup clean not only ensures our health, but also extends the life of the thermos cup.